The performance from the DaDaFest Ensemble on 11 July at 2pm, was played to an in-house audience at the Liverpool Philharmonic and was broadcast across the internet.

It was a relaxed performance with the aim of removing potential barriers to access for audience members, including those with an autism spectrum condition, a learning disability, or anyone else who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Here’s some ideas for  introducing some  ‘relaxed’ elements into your classroom when watching the broadcast:

  • Scatter beanbags and mats for those who need, or prefer, to sit or lie on the floor
  • Consider cabaret style seating, so that groups can sit together
  • Make sure that there is space for people to stand up and move around
  • Ensure everyone feels comfortable – if they need to make noises or fidget then it’s fine!
  • Offer a chill-out space where  people can go if they need a break from the music and/or the rest of the audience
  • Hand out beach balls or pieces of paper for audience members to hold, so they can experience the music through touch and vibration
  • Have helpers will be on hand for those who need them

Let us know if you offer a ‘relaxed’ viewing of our live broadcast and how your students find the experience?